10th Annual Shred Day September 25

By: Lucas J. Arnold

Business Development Manager

Three of the worst words to hear as a policyholder are “that’s not covered.” With that in mind, we decided to compose a quick review of what a standard homeowner’s insurance policy is intended to cover, and what you, as the property owner, are responsible for.

A standard homeowner’s policy will extend coverage to your home and your personal belongings, should they be damaged by a destructive event, such as wind and fire. The policy is intended to cover unexpected events such as windstorms, fires, lightning strikes, and weight of snow. If your kitchen goes up in flames while you’re cooking Sunday dinner, the damage that is caused will be covered. If a tree falls on your roof, the damage will be covered. Perhaps lightning strikes and damages your chimney, covered.

With coverage, there are also misconceptions. For example, if your kitchen appliances flat out quit working on you, that’s a maintenance and warranty issue. Perhaps your roof has seen its last days and begins to leak. The damage the water creates will be covered, but the “wear and tear” due to the age of the roof, will likely not be covered.

Maybe you haven’t been in your attic in a while. The next time you go up there you notice termites and insect damage or perhaps rodent damage. These are maintenance issues and not generally covered by your homeowner’s policy.

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