Umbrella Liability

An Umbrella Liability Policy is a form of additional liability insurance. It provides added protection for assets in the case of a catastrophic loss. It is our recommendation that all policyholders purchase an Umbrella Liability Policy. At the very minimum, our clients should be aware of the availability and pricing of the coverage in order to make the most informed decision.

An Umbrella Policy provides an additional layer of liability protection at an affordable price. It does not replace your primary insurance policies; minimum underlying limits of insurance are required by the company.

The coverage will protect your assets and future earnings from court awarded settlements pertaining to your personal liability exposures. Exposures that you may have include your home, automobile, boats, recreational vehicles, rental properties, and more. The policy will also fill in gaps in coverage and provide piece of mind, the most important aspect of any insurance plan.

We carry insurance for the pure and simple reason that accidents do happen. A Personal Umbrella Policy will substantially increase your overall protection for catastrophic, unforeseeable losses at a reasonable premium. Coverage’s available start at $1 million dollars, and can be increased to $2 million, $5 million and higher.

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