Add an Umbrella Insurance Policy Today!

Having been part of this community for over a century, we strive to make sure our neighbors are prepared for life’s challenges. Many are unaware that even with comprehensive home or auto insurance, you still may be vulnerable to costly lawsuits in the event of an accident in your car or at your home.

Just in time for April showers, we urge you to consider adding an umbrella policy to shield yourself from a lawsuit that could deplete your life savings. Most home and auto policies contain limits of liability protection, after those limits are exhausted you are then personally responsible for monetary damages – an umbrella insurance policy safeguards your future.

Typical umbrella policies cost as little as $200 annually and offer up to $1 million in liability protection. Additionally, umbrella insurance can also protect you against libel and slander. It may also provide some liability protection while traveling abroad.

Our agents would be happy to review your options for umbrella insurance. To learn how this small investment could save you thousands in the future, call Thorp & Trainer today at 401.596.0146.