If you own one of the 11 “riskiest” dog breeds you may face some big homeowner’s or renter’s insurance headaches. Insurance companies simply do not want to deal with a potential lawsuit if someone gets bitten or hurt by your dog while they’re in your home. Oftentimes, the insurance company can deny you coverage because of the type of dog you own.
In order to secure homeowners or renters insurance, and keep your dog at the same time, you will have to find an insurance carrier that will cover your dog. Furthermore, since multi-policy discounts for homeowners and auto insurance depend on having both policies with the same company, this could mean you now need to change auto insurers.
The rules on which dogs an insurance company will cover and which they won’t vary from company to company. Below is a list of dogs companies prefer not to cover:

1. Pit Bulls &
Staffordshire Terriers
2. Doberman Pinschers
3. Rottweilers
4. German Shepherds
5. Chows
6. Great Danes
7. Presa Canarios
8. Akitas
9. Alaskan Malamutes
10. Siberian Huskies
11. Wolf-hybrids

To avoid insurance problems, consult with your Thorp & Trainer agent by calling 596.0146 to make sure the breed you are considering is covered.