If you are planning on any of the below, it is IMPERATIVE that you let us know. PLEASE call our office and speak to your account manager at 401.596.0146 if any of the following apply:
  • Refinancing
  • Mortgage sold
  • Insurance premium escrowed
  • New homeowner
  • Mortgage paid off
If you refinance, your insurance policy must be amended to reflect the correct mortgage company as well as premium payor. 
If your current mortgage company changes, your insurance policy must be amended.
New homeowners frequently pay the full annual premium as required at closing and escrow insurance going forward. The premium payor on your policy must be correct.
Congrats on paying your mortgage off. Please let us know to remove the mortgage company from your insurance policy.

    If the premium payor and mortgage company are incorrect upon renewal of your policy, coverage may be disrupted due to nonpayment.

    In the event of a loss, an incorrect mortgage listed on the policy, may cause a delay in claim payments.