It used to be that the only place we ever encountered golf carts was on a golf course, but times have changed. The personal use of golf carts on private and public roads, campgrounds, etc. has taken off over the last few years, and why not? They are eco-friendly, offer great gas mileage (if not electric), are easy to park, easy to drive and just plain fun!

Unfortunately, there are reports of over 7,000 golf cart accidents involving injury (including 25 fatalities) over recent years, and the personal use of a golf cart on other than a golf course presents a BIG gap in coverage. A standard homeowners policy affords liability coverage for the use of a golf cart while being used to play golf at a golf course, or while on an “insured location.” Public roads, private roads, a neighbor’s property, a parking lot at the beach, are not “insured locations” under a homeowners policy. A personal auto policy excludes liability coverage for any vehicle “designed mainly for use off public roads.”

A separate golf cart policy can address this lack of coverage. The Foremost Insurance Group and Progressive are two insurance companies represented by Thorp & Trainer that can provide a policy to specifically address the personal use of golf carts. Their policies provide liability protection, and can also include physical damage coverage to the golf cart. Premiums are typically approximately $100, but will vary based on options. To learn more, contact us today at 596.0146.