We are more connected than ever. Cell phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, television and family gaming systems, etc., connect us in ways we never imagined. Criminals know the information accessed by your family is valuable. They can steal passwords, data, money, identities and make life miserable. 


  1. Be Prepared 
  2. Your Family Is Important and Everyone is a Target 
  3. More Connections— More Risk 
  4. The Threat Is Real 
  5. Password Protected

Cyber Protection provides coverage for real-life scenarios that can harm those closest to you: 

  • Extortion Threat 
  • Social Engineering 
  • Cyber Bullying Response 
  • Identity Threat 
  • System Compromise 
  • Internet Cleanup 
  • Breach Costs 

Even worse than the financial losses and headaches of restoring data, is the threat of cyber bullying and reputational harm. Please call your account manager should you wish to discuss further.