Summer is well underway and that means so are your beloved family road trips! At Thorp & Trainer Insurance, we want to make sure that whether you are going across the U.S. or simply crossing state lines, you have the best car for your journey ahead. If your current car can’t handle the wear and tear that a road trip might cause, it may be time to look for a safer road trip vehicle. With this freedom of choice comes a responsibility to acquire a vehicle that satisfies not only your family’s needs, but also your budget.

If you’re in the market for a new car or trying to find the perfect automobile to rent, consider these tips to ensure a perfect road trip that is safe and cost effective:

• Mileage – Motorcycles are notorious for being fuel efficient and getting the most mileage for their dollar. However, if a motorcycle is not an option for you and your family, select a car that makes mileage a priority. SUVs typically carry gas tanks with 22 to 33 gallon capacities, according to, and this should allow them to be able to travel 500 to 700 highway miles without stopping. Compact cars and sedans usually hold between 12 and 18 gallons, meaning they can travel about 275 to 400 miles before they need to refuel. Regardless of the type of car, pay attention to the mileage you’ll be expected to receive. Not only does more mileage help you stay within your budget, it also helps you arrive at your vacation destination more quickly, giving you more time to relax.

• Storage – Depending on the duration of your trip and the number of family members traveling with you, packing light may be difficult. A full car can cause bags to be squished and stuffed into unlikely places of the vehicle. When that happens, the driver’s vision can be impaired and mirrors can be blocked. Be sure that you are choosing a vehicle that allows enough room and storage opportunities to satisfy the extent of your family’s packing. The U.S. News and World Report cited SUV’s that averaged between 70 and 75 cubic feet with seats folded down and about 30 to 40 cubic feet behind the seats.

• Towing – If you are traveling to a destination that requires you to bring any jet skis, motorbikes, or other heavy recreational items, it is important to note the towing capacity on your vehicle. In this case, it may be best to select a vehicle with at least 5,000 pounds of towing capacity.

• Entertainment – One of the downfalls of long road trips with children is the threat of boredom. The frustration that arises can be detrimental to the success of the trip. When choosing a car for your journey, note any entertainment systems that the car may have or be lacking. These entertainment systems could serve as the saving grace to the spirit of your trip and keep your kids occupied.
Wherever you’re going and for however long your journey, Thorp & Trainer Insurance wants to help make sure that you and your family have a safe and enjoyable trip. The success of your road trip could be dependent on the type of vehicle you travel in. We hope that these tips will be helpful for you on your journey ahead.

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