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Life Insurance

You’ve protected your home from fire, your automobile from collision, and your boat from accidental damage, have you protected your family from the loss of one or more incomes?

Life insurance protection is not for you; it is for those you leave behind. Whether you are the breadwinner, the homemaker, or part of a dual income household, your role is important, with out you everyday life can become a bigger struggle. Together we can try to make it a little easier.

Life insurance does not need to be expensive; it just needs to be there!

Why do I need Life Insurance?

  • The Breadwinner: The loss of income is easy to see. With out your income would the family be able to continue to live in the style in which you have worked so hard to put them? Would the mortgage be paid, the car loan satisfied? How about that college education that we all want our children to receive, is that still possible? Burial expenses, would the family be able to handle those as well? All of these items are examples of what your family will need to handle should the unfortunate occur. You can obtain some peace of mind by purchasing life insurance to help with the financial burden after your gone.
  • The Homemaker: Gone are the days when the homemaker is not considered a “working mother”. Just because you are not bringing in a paycheck does not mean that you are not working hard for the family. In fact, if something happened to you today, would your family need to hire outside help to watch the children, clean the home, run the errands? This type of outside help can be expensive. Day care rates are higher than ever! Cleaning services charge too! If your family had to pay for outside help, would they be able to do so comfortably? This is why, yes even you, need to carry a life insurance policy. Life will not be easy without you, but lets try to ease some of the worries where we can. We can help you protect the family from increased financial burdens.
  • The Dual Income Household: Many of us are dual income households these days. We live in a world where it has become very difficult for a family to survive on one income alone. With two incomes, we have been able to afford the American dream, the house, the cars, and the activities for the kids. If one of the incomes disappeared, would the family be able to continue in the manner that you worked so hard to put them? Can they afford the mortgage? Would they be able to continue life with some sort of normalcy? A life insurance policy for each of you is the best way to protect for this unforeseen tragedy.

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