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Disability Insurance

Are you ready to retire?

Of course, we would all love to say yes to this question, but could we really retire today?

Could we afford all of our bills on a monthly basis with out income? Chances are the answer is NO!

When disability strikes your income decreases and your expenses increase, the problem is managing the cost. A period of disability could last a month, a year, or for the rest of you life. Uncovered medical expenses and monthly household bills will still need to be paid.

If you did lose an income due to disability what are your choices?

  • Borrow Money? Borrowing money when your household income has dropped substantially may be very difficult.
  • Use your Savings? The national savings rate is less than 4.1% of our income; barely enough to cover a disability for any length of time, and using your life savings could have disastrous long-term consequences.
  • Sell Property or Assets? You have worked hard for your home and lifestyle. Do you want to sacrifice your assets at fire-sale prices?
  • Live on your Spouses income? Will your spouses income be adequate to maintain your family’s life style? Two working parents usually rely on both incomes.
  • Disability Income Insurance! Disability income insurance will provide additional income, freeing you from some of the additional stresses that you and your family will be facing.

Contact us today for more information about Disability Insurance or fill out our online quote form.

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