In 2021, e-bike imports neared 790K (up from 450K in 2020) and this year may set another record.

E-bike riders are more than three times more likely to have a collision with a pedestrian than either scooters or traditional bikes. Injuries arising from electric bike collisions may be more serious due to the weight and speed of the e-bike at impact as opposed to impact from a conventional bike. 

The summer of 2022 has seen record-breaking highs, and not just in the weather reports. Commuters in the United States have seen gas prices soar to unheard-of levels. High gas prices and overall inflation have forced commuters to seek alternative methods of transportation. For some, biking to work, taking public transit and driving electric vehicles have become the new norm.

Saving a few dollars at the pump can potentially expose e-bikers to greater financial liability if found to be uninsured or underinsured following e-bike collisions. E-bike riders may want to buy specialized insurance policies, even though maintaining insurance for electric bicycles is not mandatory.

Neither fish nor fowl

E-bikes are neither fish nor fowl! They do share some risk management characteristics with their pedal-only relatives and motor-assisted neighbors. They ride on public roads like Schwinn’s and Harleys, but do not require a driver’s license, any special training or proof of insurance.

Some insurers offer coverage packages specifically for e-bike owners. That market will expand as e-bikes continue to grow in popularity. But with more e-bikes on mostly roads, property losses and injury claims will become more common and more serious.

Liability coverage for e-bikes may be essential but is not yet mandated. 

How much liability insurance should you have on your e-bike? 

What is out there for Insurance?

There is not a standard policy for e-bike insurance, but some insurers offer stand-alone e-bike coverage with varying features. 

In general, standalone e-bike insurance policies supply coverage for physical damage to or theft of property, subject to the policy’s limits, liability, and medical payments.

Safe cyclists know that bike helmets reduce the risk of serious head injuries, and that safety apparel does a better job of protecting limbs from “road rash” abrasions than t-shirts and cut-offs. Owners should think of e-bike insurance as similar protection for their equipment and their wallets.

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