From now until the end of March, for every new like we receive on the Thorp & Trainer Facebook page, we will donate $5 to the Maddie Potts Foundation up to $2500.

The Maddie Potts Foundation was established in November of 2017, less than 2 months after Maddie’s sudden death on the soccer field of an asymptomatic brain aneurysm. The mission of this foundation is to carry on Maddie’s legacy of kindness, compassion, hard work, inclusive leadership, and perseverance by giving back to the community each year with scholarships, facility upgrades and opportunities for individuals with disabilities. 

Currently, Maddie’s Foundation is in the process of fully funding “The Maddie Potts Memorial Field House” on the Chariho campus, next to the field Maddie spent many of her days on.

We couldn’t have picked a better foundation to support and we are relying on our community to help raise awareness for them. Please share the Thorp & Trainer Facebook Page with your friends and family and encourage them to like us! And visit the Maddie Pott’s Foundation website to learn more about their story.